Are we too comfortable online?

When is the last time you actually sat back and thought twice about entering a credit card in a website? Or thought about all the personal information- name, birth date, high school, address, phone number, place of employment, friends that you’ve put onto a social website for public consumption?

Websites like Facebook are not banks and do not have a 100% guarantee, you can’t call them up and say, “hey someone is stalking me at my house because of the information I put on your site”.

Why don’t people care about this about their most personal asset- their identity?

Identity theft is alive and well in our global village and it astounds me how blasé people are about it.

I suppose the moral is to always think twice and assume nothing before putting information online..

  • Ask yourself, do I care that this is online and people can see it?
  • Check the websites privacy statements and terms of use. For private online accounts, such as a bank or a company that bases its product on privacy- you are probably going to be okay. But read their terms and how liable they are
  • Double check your social networking profile security options- am I as secure as I want to be?
  • Remember email is not secure. Even if you are sending it through a site like Facebook- people are getting an altert to your message and a copy of your message sent to their personal email address which may be monitored at their work or be insecure
  • Do I have enough information on my website that someone could call my bank and pretend to be me?
  • Remember when you accept someone as your friend, then they are your friend; now they can see as much as your best friend even though you only met them at a party the weekend before.
  • Remember a social networking site is an online tool, meant to be online, so ask your self why anyone needs your home address
  • Also ask yourself what personal details on my profile are so mission critical (such as phone number or address) that someone can not send me a message to find out
  • Remember when making an online purchase to consider what site you are putting your credit card details into (including home address) before making a purchase
  • Always look for the http”s” and never buy anything when surfing the web on an unsecure wifi network- such as those you find in airports. You don’t know who’s watching you!