Aurora- Love to hate the video

Adaptive Path has launched a new web browser interface concept that they have been working on in conjunction with Mozilla labs.

A couple days ago,  I had received an email from Adaptive Path’s marketing manager inviting one and all to their offices for the launch party on 6 August. Yes, this did spark a level of interest as they promised to demo the future of the web.

Alas living on the other side of the world was going to prevent me from attending, but today I found I was able to find information online (video) about their project Aurora.

I was really excited to watch the video as I have a lot of time for Adaptive Path. I enjoy their blog and appreciate the work they’ve done. Then the video started… wow was it cheesy. I had a hard time watching it.

I am not sure who came up with the concept of the farmer or who they are targeting for the discussion, but I feel they really missed the boat for the viral PR that would have come from a really hot video.  Also, the video is the opportunity to tell their story and I felt like I was watching a mockumentary.

Okay enough about the video.

Other thoughts were. Aurora feels really early and unpolished. Yes absolutely, the UI of the browser is still in its infancy and changes to browser behaviour are inevitable.

Whether those changes are as Aurora predicts or more all encompassing like the Monitory Report where the line that separates the computer and reality are blurred– only time will tell.

You can check out the video on Vimeo.