Detroit’s Decline

A step away from what I usually talk about, but I just came across Time’s photo essay
entitled- Detroit’s Beautiful, Horrible Decline.

United Artists Theater, Detroit

United Artists Theater, Detroit

It’s the type of imagery that we’re used to seeing in war torn cities where buildings have been riddled with gunshots and ravaged with bombs.

But in Detroit, it’s a different kind of war- an economic one. A war that begun with the demise of industries and its infinite ripple into the economy.

Plants shut down, people lost their jobs, more business closed, people moved, house prices fell, investment dried up and the city began to die.

It is true that cities are structures, building and geography, but their heart has always been the people. It’s a combination of societies, communities, cultures and their economies that keep cities alive and moves them forward.

As economies struggle in this current climate, it’s never been more important for societies, communities and cultures to work together to fight for their home, fight for their city. If they don’t, one day we’ll look back and see what once were beautiful, flourishing cities have now become ghost towns.

New York Times- Article Skimmer

The New York Times has released a prototype of a new way to access their articles: The Article Skimmer

Down the left hand side are the topics that you can choose from and on the right is the content with teasers for each article.

It definitely has a magazine feel and seeing the content laid out this way is a nice change.

The only thing obviously missing is the date the article was published, giving you an idea of how often content is recycled through.

The write up on the Article Skinner mirrors the experience of using it to “Sunday browsing”- laying out your paper on the coffee table to take in as much content as possible.

I wonder if this means that the Article Skimmer will only be used for Sunday’s edition?